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Rocky Horror Picture Show Stamping

What RHPS Character Are You?

Rocky Horror Picture Show Stamping Community
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The Only Active Rocky Horror Picture Show Stamping Community!

Welcome to rhps_stamps - the only active Rocky Horror Picture Show stamping community on Livejournal! Have you ever wanted to know what Rocky Horror character you're most like? You're in the right place! Simply fill out our application as honestly as possible, post it here on rhps-stamps, and our members will vote with their response! Not sure what a stamping community is or how it works? Read the stamping FAQ!


X Be sure to post your application in HTML mode (ask a mod if you have any questions as to what this means). Applications with visible coding will be deleted.
X No rudeness! Be considerate when commenting, posting, etc.
X When commenting, please bold your vote. It makes it easier for your mods to tally the votes.
X Vote for only one character per application. You can mention other characters that the applicant reminds you of, but bold only one vote.
X Don't vote without explaining your reasoning! You don't have to write a whole paragraph, but at least explain a little why you think the applicant reminds you of that character.
X Do NOT comment on votes unless absolutely necessary! At the same time, don't delete votes! If you don't like who you're stamped with, you'll be permitted to restamp after two weeks.
X To prove that you've read these rules, include "In the Velvet Darkness" in the subject line of your post.
X Upload your stamp to your own server, you mooches!
X Only a mod can stamp you. You'll be stamped after you receive eight votes OR a majority vote.



X Available Characters
X Stamps

un_ladylike (Stamped as Columbia)

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