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23 March 2010 @ 07:02 pm
in the velvet darkness!  

Name: Laura Katariina
Age:  18
Location: Finland
Likes: Photography, wandering aimlessly in nature, stargazing, music, movies, lj, writing, reading, occasional sailing.
Dislikes: Homophobia, hatred, discrimination, injustice, Adam Sandler, Twilight saga, clingy / needy people.
Strengths: I'm imaginative and can think outside the box, I'm very enthusiastic and idealistic, I'm open-minded and I try to be fair. I am also silly and fun to be with.
Weaknesses:  I'm super easily distracted, scatter-brained and confused most of the time. I can be tardy and anti-social, and I'm too aware of myself.
Describe your personality in four words: Imaginative, a daydreamer, free-spirited, open-minded

Mature or immature? Immature
Leader or follower? A loner more likely. I don't wish to lead nor to follow others mindlessly
Love or lust? Can't I have both?
Optimistic or pessimistic? Optimistic
Calm & calculating or wild & impulsive? Slightly more wild & impulsive I'd like to think
Outgoing or shy? Shy
Adventurer or homebody? Adventurer

Would you consider yourself a prude? Not really, no :o But I'm not a slut either :D so, uumm. happy medium?
What are your thoughts on love? I wouldn't mind having a little bit of love in my life at the moment. And I think I like someone but I'm sort of struggling there because I should make the first move and I'm scared.
How about lust? Uhhh, what about it? :D I admit, of the seven sins I would probably act on lust the most. But not in a "I want seeeeeeeeeeeeex" way, I just... um, well, fangirl a lot so that's... Oh hell I can't explain this without seeming like a complete freak :D I'm just easily attracted to people and and and, yeah. *fails at life*
What would you bring to Frank's castle if you could only bring three things? Ooh! Interesting question! Hmmm. Probably my camera, a pack of playing cards and this toy monkey that brings me luck.
What are your dreams and goals? To travel around the world alone, to photograph different continents and cultures, to direct a movie, to continue being happy in general. To visit outer space ♥
Finish the sentence: I'm happiest when... I'm gaznig at the stars at night ♥

Are you a Rocky Horror virgin? (Have you not seen it in theatres?) I HAVEN'T SEEN IT IN THEATRES D: Booo. But I've seen the movie about a billion times :D It's just that... I don't think Rocky Horror is shown here like it is in the USA. If there are some showings at theatres, they are in our capital city, which I do not live in D: So, that's that.
If not, what was your initiation like? -
Have you ever participated in a Rocky Horror shadow cast? If so, who did you play or what did you do? -

Please provide the links of three unstamped applications you've voted on.

Only two available at the moment!

Post a photo/photos of yourself or describe yourself. No photos of yourself in costume.

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey there ppl :P

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